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Marci Rabe マーシー・レーブ

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CF1 : Venus (2008) for piano solo

2005年、SOCAN (カナダ作曲著作権協会)の一員としてCONTACT現代音楽アンサンブルとのコラボレーターに選出され、マーシー・レーブの個展演奏会が開かれた。カナダ国内で多く演奏され、ヴァンクーバー・ニュー・ミュージック、モントリオール・コンテンポラリー・アンサンブル、コンティニュウム・コンテンポラリー・ ミュージック・アンサンブル、Aventa、音楽雑誌NUMUS、レイチェル・キヨ・イワッサなどに作品が取り上げられる。最近は米国やデンマークでも作品が演奏されている。

Marci Rabe is a composer and performer/singer interested in playing outside the box. Her music is intuitively chiselled and has a harmonic language based on colour more than function. Where words are incorporated into her work, they are selected as much for the appearance of their sounds as they are for their meaning. Subtle nuances in colour and texture fill a continuum of time where pulse has little bearing. Silence, too, is an integral colour on her palette; influencing and shaping those moments that it surrounds and that surround it.
Marci Rabe completed an M.Mus. at the University of Victoria in 2004 after having received a B.Mus., Honours Composition from Wilfrid Laurier University. During those years she studied with renowned composers Gordon Mumma, Christopher Butterfield, Glenn Buhr, Linda Catlin Smith, and Peter Hatch.
In 2005, Marci was awarded a short-term residency with CONTACT Contemporary Music with assistance from the SOCAN Foundation. This honour included a full concert of her work being presented. Her music has been performed across Canada by some of Canada's most revered organization, ensembles, and soloists including Vancouver New Music, Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal, Continuum Contemporary Music, Aventa, NUMUS, and Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa. More recently her work is beginning to gain international recognition with recent performances in the United States and Denmark.