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Alireza Farhang アリレザ・ファーハング

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CF1 : Seihoun (2010) for flute solo

6歳より父に音楽の手ほどきを受けた後、イラン音楽界で名高いEmmanuel Melikaslanian、Raphael Minaskanianの両氏に指導を受ける。テヘラン大学にてAlireza Mashayekhiに作曲を師事し、同大学卒業後、後進の指導にあたる。2002年、更なる作曲の勉強をするためにパリに渡り、エコールノルマル音楽院にてルーセル奨学金を得て、Michel Merletに師事し、作曲とオーケストラ法を最高課程を首席で卒業。
シュトラスブール音楽院でイヴァン・フェデレのクラスで学ぶ。ソルボンヌ・パリ第四大学にて、Marc Battierとトリスタン・ミュライユのもと、音楽学博士号を取得。博士論文は「the integration of musical elements from non-Western cultures in timbre based music」(音色を基礎パラメーターとする音楽における西洋圏外の音づかいの融合)。また、IRCAMのECMCT(ヨーロッパ連合マスターコース)に選出され、ベルリン工科大学(TU)、ベルリン芸術大学(UDK)、ハンスアイスラー音楽大学(UDK)にて研究をする。アシスタントとして、細川俊夫、オルガ・ノイヴィルト、ジェラール・プソン、ミカエル・ジャレル、ヤン・マレーズといった著名作曲家のもと研鑽を積む。

Began studying music with his father at the age of six and continued to study the piano mentored by Emmanuel Melikaslanian and Raphael Minaskanian. After entering the University of Tehran, he studied composition with Alireza Mashayekhi and also taught there after graduation. In 2002, he decided to pursue further studies in composition with Michel Merlet at the École Normale de Musique de Paris and won the Albert Roussel scholarship and obtained superior diplomas in composition and orchestration.
Alireza completed his studies in composition at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg (class of Ivan Fedele). His PhD in musicology at the University of Sorbonne Paris IV under the supervision of Marc Battier and Tristan Murail deals with the subject “the integration of musical elements from non-Western cultures in timbre based music”. He has been also accepted to read Musical Composition and Technologies as part of a new European Course (ECMCT) jointly developed by IRCAM, and the Technische Universität (TU), Universität der Künst (UDK) and Hochshule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin. Alireza had also the opportunity to expand his musical experiences by working with established composers namely Toshio Hosokawa, Olga Neuwirth, Gérard Pesson, Michael Jarrell and Yan Maresz.
Farhang’s music has been performed in various festivals such as Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Amsterdam, Festival Musica in Strasbourg, Festival d’automne à Paris, Festival Acanthes, Festival Inventionen in Berlin etc. by ensembles such as Arditti string quartet, The Nieuw Ensemble, Ensemble Alternance, Ensemble Mosaik, Kronos Quartet, QNG and Ensemble Klang.